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Rix-Ricks-Rex family trees

The family trees on this page were compiled and created in the family tree software Family Historian. Great care has been taken to source each event and person using original digital source images. These images are linked to each of the people concerned in Family Historian. The icons beneath the people boxes indicate at a glance what images have been linked to which people. For example the 41/51/61/71/81/91/01/11 icons indicate 1841-1911 census images.

39 = 1939 Register
B = birth certificate and/or parish register baptism
M = marriage certificate and/or parish register marriage image and/or parish register banns image
D = death certificate and/or parish register burial
W = will

Please note that the trees are a work in progress, not yet fully completed. 

Many of these trees were researched, sourced, verified and compiled from scratch by Trevor Rix. Pat Rix carried out an enormous amount of research for the Rix Family Alliance mostly pre-internet which provided a good framework for some of these trees. Mary Rix computerised Pat's notes in the 1980s, which trees have since been expanded, sourced and verified by Trevor. Email Trevor Rix trevor@trevorrix.co.uk if you spot any errors or have additions, amendments or comments.

The testees in each of the groups in the 'Y-DNA Tested' section are related to each other. For example all of the testees in the Rix Norfolk 5 group above have a common genetic male line ancestor (the separate trees in each group have not been connected through traditional family history research yet though). The different groups are in no way related to each other on the direct male line. See the DNA page on this website.

The trees in the 'Y-DNA Testees Needed' section have not yet been verified by Y-DNA testing. Volunteers are needed from each tree to test, a male Rix or Ricks or Rex as appropriate. Testing will estabish which of the already identified groups that tree belongs to, or if it is a new genetically separate group.

These large pdf trees are best viewed on your monitor by zooming in then scrolling. If you are encountering problems viewing the trees using your browser's pdf viewer, download the tree to your hard drive so that you can use a better pdf viewer on your computer. If you wish to print (not recommended), adjust the page scaling options in your pdf viewer print facility to enlarge and print on the desired number of pages. The free software PDF-XChange Viewer is recommended for this purpose. Be prepared to consume lots of paper though. An alternative would be to send the pdf to a company that specialises in printing family trees on one sheet of paper (Google "family tree printers").

http://www.rix-alliance.com/Rix Norfolk 5 group of Swanton Morley and Norwich and Lowestoft and Tasburgh and Ashwellthorpe and Wendling.pdf

Rix-Ricks-Rex family trees

Updated 14th August 2019 

Y-DNA Tested family trees

Information on Rix/Ricks/Rex DNA testing https://www.familytreedna.com/public/rix

Rex 1 group of London.pdf 

Rex Rix 2 group of London.pdf 

Ricks groups 1 and 2 of Ormesby and Virginia USA.pdf 

Ricks 3 group of Germany.pdf 

Ricks 4 group of South Carolina USA.pdf

Rix Norfolk 1 group of Letton and Cranworth, Norfolk, updated 19 Jun 2012

Rix Norfolk 2 group of East Dereham.pdf 

Rix Norfolk 3 group of Dersingham.pdf 

Rix Norfolk 3 group of East Dereham.pdf 

Rix Norfolk 3 group of Stoke Holy Cross and Poringland.pdf 

Rix Norfolk 3 group of Wicklewood and Herefordshire.pdf 

Rix Norfolk 4 group of Prince Edward Island.pdf 

Rix Norfolk 4 group of Wootton Bassett and Purton.pdf 

Rix Norfolk 5 group of Bylaugh and Swannington and Elsing.pdf 

Rix Norfolk 5 group of East Dereham and Ashill.pdf 

Rix Norfolk 5 group of East and West Rudham.pdf 

Rix Norfolk 5 group of Kenninghall and USA.pdf 

Rix Norfolk 5 group of Norwich - Charles Rix 1823-1895.pdf 

Rix Norfolk 5 group of Norwich - William Lawrence Rix c1801-1881.pdf 

Rix Norfolk 5 group of South Creake.pdf 

Rix Norfolk 5 group of Sparham and Wisbech.pdf 

Rix Norfolk 5 group of Swanton Morley and Norwich and Lowestoft and Tasburgh and Ashwellthorpe and Wendling.pdf (needs sourcing and verifying)

Rex Norfolk 5 group of Whitechapel and Knysa South Africa.pdf 

Rix Norfolk 5 group of Wrentham.pdf 

Rix Norfolk 6 group of Horsford.pdf 

Rix Norfolk 7 group of Holme Hale.pdf 

Rix of Essex descending from Henrietta Wade.pdf 


Y-DNA Testees Needed

Visit this website if you are interested in taking a DNA test https://www.familytreedna.com/public/rix 

Ricks of Georgia USA.pdf 

Rix of Brancaster.pdf 

Rix of Bylaugh and Sparham.pdf 

Rix of Essex.pdf 

Rix of Heacham and Sedgeford and Litcham and Lexham and Swinton and Rotherham and Doncaster.pdf 

Rix of Geldeston and Heckingham and Carlton Colville and Hales.pdf

Rix of Norwich and Foulsham and West Ham.pdf 

Rix of Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalene, Norfolk.pdf