Who We Are

Originally the Rix Family Alliance was formed in 1979 by the mutual agreement of four families. It is an association of people and families who were born with the name Rix or who obtained the name through marriage.
The object of the Alliance is to promote and maintain an interest in the history of the Rix families through research, discussion and friendly cooperation.

Although the Rix Family Alliance is not a research facility, we can help members with existing data/indexes/information that has been shared by others over the past 40 years and that is currently available.
We would hope for a sharing of information in order to expand the current archives.

To run the Alliance efficiently for the benefit of its members, a donation of 5 per year, due each January, is appreciated. Members can access the RFA website where a password is required in order to view information and family trees. If you like to join please contact susie.rix@virgin.net.

In order to comply with Data protection Act. your information isn't shared with members unless you give permission to do so. If we find you connect to a RFA member (past or present) then we will liaise with them first so contact can made between you both. If you agree, then your family research and information will be posted on the News page of the website which is a password protected area for members.

We hold members name, address, email, telephone number on a manual card system and on a computer. This is purely for our records and enables us to build the family trees. If the trees are posted on our website then no living individuals are shown

The Rix Alliance is member 298 of the Guild of the One Name Studies and is a member of the Federation of Family History Societies (FFHS)