Rix Family Alliance - Rix-Ricks trees

A selection of family trees some of which are  more detailed that others. Some are scanned paper copies as they appeared in the Rix Journals some years ago when information was provided by the new RFA member at the time and with additional information provided by Pat Rix from her research. Other trees are in a tree format where the researcher has used a family tree program to store and create the tree. Unfortunately the conversion to PDF for upload doesn't show notes/references/sources that may have been added while creating the tree. However all trees are as accurate as they can be with as much verification as it possible to  achieve, using experience and knowledge of  research

The list further down shows the parish where the earliest reference to the particular Rix family has been found. Each entry shows the membership including past and present members.

Rix tree - Burnham Overy - Wells-next-the Sea - Hull- Mike & Susie Rix's tree

http://www.rix-alliance.com/William Rix and Elizabeth Fiddaman Burnham Overy.pdf 


Swanton Morley  - Marjorie Muir's tree - connection via Arthur George Rix b 1871 Tasburgh

http://www.rix-alliance.com/Ancestors and Descendants of John RIX.pdf


Dagenham Line

http://www.rix-alliance.com/Dagenham Pat and wade Rix tree.pdf 

http://www.rix-alliance.com/Relatives of Henrietta RIX.pdf

http://www.rix-alliance.com/MY RIX FAMILY IN AUSTRLIA .pdf 


Isaac Ricks

http://www.rix-alliance.com/Rix of Essex.pdf 


Isaac Ricks - provided by  Melissa Collier

http://www.rix-alliance.com/Isaac Ricks.pdf 


Bethnal Green line

http://www.rix-alliance.com/Bethnal Green tree.pdf 


Watton line

http://www.rix-alliance.com/Watton tree.pdf 


Prince Edward Island

http://www.rix-alliance.com/Rix of Prince Edward Island.pdf 


Richard Rix of  Burnham Thorpe & Wells-next-the-Sea  Alec Rix's  tree (member 19)http://www.rix-alliance.com/Richard Rix Burnham Thorpe Alec RIX.pdf


Hindolveston - Wells-next-the-Sea - North Creake- Hull

http://www.rix-alliance.com/Hindolveston Wells Hull.pdf 


Stan Rising's tree  -see  tree  above for connection 

http://www.rix-alliance.com/Stan Rising tree.pdf


Tittleshall line



North Pickenham  J Laurie's tree

http://www.rix-alliance.com/J Laurie Nth Pickenham.pdf 


Muriel Pearce tree

http://www.rix-alliance.com/Muriel Pearce tree.pdf 


Purton appeared in Journal 69 

http://www.rix-alliance.com/Purton appeared in 69.pdf 


Cromer appeared in Journal 65 

http://www.rix-alliance.com/Cromer appeared in 65.pdf 


Wrentham appeared in Journal 64 http://www.rix-alliance.com/Wrentham appeared in 64.pdf 


Wicklewod appeared in Journal  70

http://www.rix-alliance.com/Wicklewood appeared in 70.pdf 


Norwich (oneline) appeared in Journal 67

http://www.rix-alliance.com/Norwich appeared in 67.pdf 


Walsham appeared in Journal 59

 http://www.rix-alliance.com/Walsham appeared in 59.pdf